Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the restaurant opening last night turned out to be a total blast.  Paul and I met at the Sheung Wan MTR (as far West as you can go on the island) and cabbed it to Kennedy Town, which in all likelihood, is where we will live next year.  What a cute place!  It's very Chinese with intermittent Western bars and restaurants.  Super cute and lots of personality.  And the trolley goes there!!  Wouldn't it be fun to have to trolley to work!?

The Staff at Retro. Shiva's left of the cowboy hat.
Plate 1....of many.
The bar
Retro is owned by a jolly Nepalese man, Shiva, who has been living here for 21 years.  I'm not really sure why the restaurant is called Retro- perhaps because they didn't update the interior?- but what a cute neighborhood joint.  They serve Middle Eastern food cheap and good.  The lamb was amazing!!!  They had a little buffet set out so we could try everything; fish and chips (random and didn't try), chicken croquets, hummus, eggplant dip, chapatis, chicken "stew" (was chicken and veggies in a spicy sauce, yum),  lamb and rice, Greek-ish salad, and a couscous parsley salad.   Everything I tried was really good, but the eggplant dip and lamb were aaaamazing.  And the free flow wine and Nepali beer were much appreciated as well.  We will certainly return next time we're in des parts.

It was a pretty small gathering but I ran into a guy I sold foie gras to at the Conrad Christmas fair last month.  He was also a vendor there, of I don't remember what, and just super friendly.  I also met James who is in charge of Hong Kong exhibitions.  I'm guessing he's the reason Sean and Greg got the invite.  The exhibitor world is becoming smaller and smaller.....

Today work.  Cook dinner with P.  Tutor Nim Nim.  Wii.  Sleep. 

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