Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Saturday post long walk across Kowloon, Paul and I relaxed at home over sushi.  Then was time to go out and meet Kina and their English friends for dinner at JAR (Just A Restaurant).  First off, Kina obviously has very good taste in friends, but this point was just further driven home by Sarah and Will.  They're pretty new to Hong Kong too, about our age, and a couple.  Perfect!  We had a lovely dinner, and although I wasn't totally wowed, it was still good.  I had the simple trout, and simple it was, and Paul had the burger which was delicious!  It was really fun to go out and not have to GO OUT.  Maybe it's because I'm 27 1/2 now, but staying out til 4 in LKF just isn't as fun as a dinner party with some quality people.

Sunday was the laziest day I've had in a long time.  Probably since typhoon day when we were instructed not to leave the house.  I woke up early and caught up on blogs, then when Paul rolled out of bed we made eggy sammies for breakfast, followed by an intense bout of Mario Party (where I was robbed!!!!  1st to 4th?  Paaaalease secret star round), which was followed by a victory in Jeopardy.  But only because Paul couldn't figure out his controller and picked the wrong answer in Final Jeopardy.  Sucker.  We eventually wandered outside at about 3 to gather groceries for the week.  Shop and immediately home to watch one of the best movies!!  3 Idiots.  If you haven't seen it, take 1/2 a day off work and watch it!  It's a Bollywood film, so in typical Bollywood fashion it's almost 4 hours long, but it's awesome.  Funny, poignant, relevant, cheesey, romantic, silly, you really cover all your bases.  It is subtitled though, so I would advise against drinking til the second half....or you'll miss it.  So yeah that was our ridiculously productive Sunday.  Ha.  I did make a phenomenal Veg soup which I am about to go eat now for dinner.


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