Friday, June 22, 2012


The big D Boat festival is tomorrow!!!  As much as we don't like paddling, we're really into beach front parties.  Bring it on.

We're meeting our teammate Kristina, who we just found out is a neighbor, at 7 am to head down to Stanley for some dboat fun!  We were nervous we wouldn't be allowed to race as we haven't been to practice in 4+ weeks, but turns out our team has 3 or 4 boats.  Woohoo, we'll definitely race, be on the B (or realistically C) team so no one will care when we suck.  AND there's an all day party at the boat house.  Fingers crossed the weather holds....

My new obsession is Bina, our house keeper.  She comes in every other Friday to clean Steve's apartment, and now up to clean ours, and man she is amazing.  I love what this woman has done!!  All of my lotions are in line, my pot found a home, and even our shoes without a shoe rack seem more in order.  And I feel guilty admitting this, but she only charges $100.  That's $12.5 usd.   <3

Ok off to bed.  Yesterday's lunch at Factory 99 turned into another all day wine festival, so tonight we're taking it easy.  Happy Friday!

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