Friday, June 29, 2012


Wine class is amazing, but after yesterday's class, I learned its also going to be a lot of work.  Similar to the CFA in the respect they expect you put in 85 hours, and that's assuming you did level 2.   It'll be more like 100 for me.  There's so much to know between regions, varietals, varietal characteristics per region, viticulture, vinification, and of course, tasting.

There are 20 of us, most of which surprisingly are NOT in the industry.  The class is designed for industry people who want to be trained and certified to manage wine sales and selection.  But, the Asians got to one up you.  There's a whole bunch of doctors in my class who are just doing this really difficult program just for  fun!  Not sure what everyone else's stories are yet...

The teacher, Ian Symonds, is great.  He's been teaching WSET for 12 years and he knows his shit.  He's actually the reason I selected this program.  Back months ago I met a guy who had just gotten his certificate and had studied with Ian, and he strongly recommended him to me.  So here I am.

I walk into class early last night and Ian says, 'You must be Lauren.'  At first I was blown away by my popularity and reputation, but then he informs me I'm one of two guillos (foreigners) in the class.  The other dude is 50.  haha.  

First hour and a half we talk about the course and then get into viticulture versus vinification.

Viticulture is growing of grapes; the vines, the vineyard, and cultivation.

Vinification is wine making; the pressing, fermentation, acid additions and detractions, fining, etc.

All quite interesting.  Then the second half is the tasting portion!!  You have the option to spit or swallow, but come on, it's Friday night and it's only 5 wines.  Last night we tried these 5:

Muscadet from Loire Valley
Chardonnay from Western Australia
Beaujolais Village from France
Rioja Gran Reserva from Spain
Royal Tokaji from France.  This was like drinking little drops of heaven, and I learned about the different varietals that are susceptible to noble rot.  Yum Yum.

We luckily made it all the way through class without a T8 being issued (typhoon/black rain where everything shuts down) and I made it home just before 11 where  Paul with all of our Cali wines were waiting for me!!  We tried the Six Sigma Tempranillo from Lake County.  It was ok, but lacked some body.  

Anyway, wine class rules.  Paul rules.  And this Saturday AM rain is ruining my mountain hike.  So I shall sit inside with my coffee and WSET text book and start putting in my hours!!  

Our New Wines

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