Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Ridiculousness

Last week my friend Patrick introduced me to John, the owner of Factory 99 in Kwun Tong.  Factory 99 is a great restaurant with quick service, family style tables, and deliciously reasonably priced food (although I wouldn't know as I have never paid for a meal yet).  I told Greg about the new spot, he went in for lunch and dinner, and then we were all invited back on Friday for lunch.  Lunch started at 2.  I got home at midnight.

Julia, John's friend, John, Greg
We started with a nice lunch, then we opened a white, and a red, and another red, and then like 10 more reds.  Food came periodically throughout the day, Greg and Sean left, and then came back, and we switched seating venues quite a few times.  Paul even joined us toward the end of the night.

Wow did Saturday hurt.  I didn't leave the apartment once.  Not even in the hallway.  The most productive thing I did was pack some suit cases in the afternoon and then it was immediately back to the couch to catch up on some TV.  Here is is Sunday and I've already been way more productive in the few hours I've been awake then alllll day yesterday.

The house is a total disaster and we're kind of realizing what a pain in the ass it's going to be to move.  Laura has graciously offered to help us move, thank god!  It's raining with thunderstorm warnings and we're not sure if d boating will be cancelled or not.  Fingers crossed it will be!!!!!  Only 2 more weeks....

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