Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mountains Before Breakfast

With a sense of relief that dboat was cancelled, Paul and I emerged from our den out into the depths of Quarry Bay.  Well not really.  We went across the street to an artist reception for the 'Dancing Bears.'  We can see if from our window, and I just so happened to receive an invite to the opening, so we figured why not.  Snacks, Champagne, artists, and bears.  What's not to like?

The apt building in the middle, 5 floors up with the open balcony is 5F.  It's nicer on the inside :)

Later that day we head down to Stanley. Wow it's only 20 minutes by taxi from Qbay.  Life is so much better on the island :)  We enter's Brad's parent's penthouse and are immediately greeted with smoke, smoke and more smoke.  Grilling on the deck with the door open = smoke.  It was great to catch up with the whole Brad crew!  And the food was great too, particularly Sean's almost homemade lasagna.  Ha- Chicken on the Run rocks.  Brad's parents are such good sports having us over.  And you should see their penthoouse.  OH MY.  Right on the cliffs overlooking the sea, decorated in Chinese/Western fusion; it's gorgeous!
Impromptu wine and truffle cheese tasting.  Work is tough sometimes. 

But as with most Saturdays, drinking wine for several hours makes this kid tired.  One of these days Paul and I will stay out past 11 pm.  Probably not....

Sunday Funday was spent with the Kinster and Sarah and Will (the Brits) at California Vintage followed by some neighborhood exploration.  We had planned to hit the beach, but by the time we got on the MTR back to Quarry Bay we had decided we'd rather check out our new hood.  There are so many parks!!!  Perfect for running parks!  And then we discovered this little courtyard of cute restaurants all right on the water.  <3 QBay.
We live so close to the water!
Oh and then I discovered that Quarry Bay has access to Tai Tam National Park!  It's amazing, a 5 minute walk and you're at the foot of a mountain.  Seeing as I'm out of running shape, hiking mountains before work seems more suited!
Don't Mind if I Do

Yesterday was the most ridiculous day of work.  Julia and I were up in Sai Kung on Wednesday delivering wine, meeting with gourmet shops and restaurants, and then had an amazing lunch at a Michelin rated Thai place; May's Sawadee.  Life is nice (albeit quiet) up in the Sai Kung.

Then we come back to the office work for a couple of hours before Rex and the Find Wine crew to film a little diddy about HOFWs for their newsletter.  Well turns out it's like a 5 minute piece hosted by none other than yours truly.  Wow did I do a horrible job!  Ha I am not an in front of the camera person, but after a glass of wine and Greg leaving I did a little better.  A littttttttle.  Hopefully that will be up and I can share the embarrassment with you....
Here's Julia and I 'hard at work'

Filming was followed by yet another amazing night at Linguini fini.  Love that place!Read all about it here:

Yep and now it's Thursday and time for lunch at Factory 99.  Hopefully this ends before midnight...

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