Monday, June 4, 2012

WSET 3 is On!

Today I enrolled in Wine Studies II at HKU SPACE to prepare for my WSET level 3 exam.  Class starts June 29th and finished October 5th.  I can't wait!!

After an exhausting week at VinExpo, I had an equally exhausting and fun weekend not at VinExpo.  Friday night Paul and I met Steve in our new hood and realized that we really love our new hood!  Our apartment is no joke over happy hour.  Ohhh this is going to get dangerous.  We also discovered in the new neighborhood a few sushi places, a thai restaurant, a taco place (what!?), five Western fine (well more fine than Subway) dining, Subway, McDonald's Cafe (which is surprisingly nice), frozen yogurt place, and Western grocery store.
Close tacos!

This is seriously going to be dangerous.

See?  In. the. jungle. 
Saturday and I had to work.  In the jungle.  I'm not even joking.  Sean and I ferried it out to Lamma Island early in the AM.  Lamma is a place where all the hippies live together in peace and harmony and non hippies go to chill and find some sweet vegan food.  And man did I find some sweet vegetarian food.  Despite the 'market' in the jungle, I did get a really amazing goat cheese/avocado/spinach/sunflower seed salad out of the deal, so I was a pretty happy camper.

Seriously the single best salad I have had in Asia
Come 3 I couldn't take the bugs so I ferried it back to the island, MTRed it to a bus, and hit Shek O for the most ridiculous party I have ever seen in Hong Kong.  Thousands of people were there.  Thousands!  You wait in line, buy a wrist band then walk into this makeshift sectioned off bar area for your favorite dangerous imbibement.  Remember jungle juice?  It was kind of like that with the option of Coors Light (which was odd but welcomed).  Then you take your drink back out to the beach where there was plenty of room for your own space among the thousand other people there.  There were people dancing in the rocks, in the water, with body paint, or just sitting and picnicing.  We all would stop periodically to look around and say 'Is this really happening?"

Before the crowds and the rain came
And everyone was there!  It was really nice and beautiful, then started getting dark, then started raining, but at that point everyone had kind of drank their raincoat, so the party continued.  Well until 10 when these old folks decided we'd had enough and head on the trek home.  For there are no taxis at Shek O, so you get on the bus back to society then hail a cab to take us back to the mainland.  Can't wait for Quarry Bay.

Sunday AM was quite funny to watch the Shek O Facebook Event page.  Every post went like this,

"Missing black Blackberry n a pair of sunglasses.  Please contact me if you find it"

"Lost my pants, keys and wallet.  Please contact me"

My Whatsapp had similar messages.  I haven't met one person yet who didn't lose something that that party.  But totally worth it in the end.  The party was thrown by Detroyed HK (pretty lame, I know), and I'm guessing this won't be the last....

Anyway, post reading the boards, Paul and I made it down to our new friends (through Kina) David and Katie for a Mexican brunch!  It was amazing to have huevos rancheros homecooked and in Asia!  When does that ever happen!?

Missed dragon boating again....oops....

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