Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why I Love Hong Kong (part 3000)

A) people actually come to visit!

Yesterday my friend Rick and I met up for a drink.  Rick lives in China.  We met in Korea.  He's American.  Cool, no?

B) There are always cool (free) events on!

Rick and I met at happy hour on Star Street and proceeded to head to Via which is a furniture gallery next . The Italian Chamber of Commerce was holding a series of  Italian design mixers, and this just happened to be one.  I suppose Italy is trying to bolster their image in Hong Kong, and these events are their way of getting it out there.  Cool for us.  

We got to see some really cool furniture, snack on spicy sausage sandwiches, and wash it all down with bubbles or a Pinot.  
I need this sleeping bag chair.

Tonight Paul and I are going another ItaCham event, a SME cocktail mixer.  I was promised that if I come early there will be buffalo mozzarella.  See you at 6!

C)  There is a forest in the middle of the city!

This is my morning run/hike and it's right in my backyard.  Asa.  

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