Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quarry Bay

Paul and I love love love love love love love our new apartment!!!  And we're finally at the stage where everything has a home, except shoes and garbage.  Can you believe Ikea didn't have little under the sink garbages!?  Or shoe racks!?
View from the 5th floor 

Every night we come home, walk past amazing restaurants, through happy hour, and make our way up to what still feels like a hotel room.  Everything's so new and nice!  And the bed is soooo big!  We got our first shipment from that I have to pick up this morning.  I think it's the duvet.  We also have sheets and a memory foam on the way.  The absurd thing is that you can't find nice quality here without paying out the nose.  So even though our shipping was more expensive (no joke!) than what we ordered, it was still cheaper than buying it here.  Made in China, not so much.

So this week has been full of sales!!!  Since Julia arrived, I have been sent out to hit restaurants, wine shops, and gourmet shops for sales sales sales.  Julia usually comes with me as training, which makes for a nice little afternoon out.

Tuesday we went up to Sai Kung and hit almost every restaurant there, opening one account!  I will follow up tomorrow with a couple more restaurants, hopefully wooing them with my charm and fine wines :)  Yesterday we went to lunch in Causeway Bay at a restaurant we sold to last week, La Bon, which was very nice, then hit Wan Chai for another new account just opened; Head Table-----they called me, asa!  We finally made it to Central where I have a very viable lead, and it all wrapped up with a call from another account asking for more wine.  Woo.  Yesterday was a good day.
 Lobster Sauce with Clams at La Bon

Then we had the second event at the Fringe Club.  It was pretty slow like the first one, but it was outside and overlooking LKF, and come 8 Paul and Lionel made their way over.  We're always the last to leave, and this was no exception, but post event Greg took us all out to the Whiskey Priest for some hard earned beers.  The boys can't hack wine all night.  Then Paul and I took, get this!, a 10 minute cab ride home!! 10 minutes!!! No more of the 30-60 minute nonsense!!!!

Sai Kung Fish Market
Tonight Paul and I are going to a Cali wine auction for a company that has decided to shut down.  Greg and I met Rai, the owner, a couple weeks ago and he's very impressive.  Probably 30, educated at Stanford, well spoken, and good looking.  He decided only idiots sell wine (ha true story) so he's auctioning off his stock and working on a new facebook-esq wine project.  We'll see.....

Tomorrow is Sai Kung, Dragon Boating, then BBQ at Brad's.  Should be a nice little weekend.
Roof Top Table at Fringe

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