Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Job Ever

Day 2 of HFW and I wasn't totally convinced this is what I should be doing.  Yes, Greg bought me lunch,  but I spent an awful lot of time running around from the bank to the post office doing a lot of admin kind of stuff.  Day 3 and I LOVE IT! I spent the am (11:30-3) categorizing, organizing, and filing expenses, which I love.  Again it's admin stuff, but fulfilling because there's an end result of organization.  I also suggested we write a year end thank you to all of our customers suggesting party ideas for the holidays.  So I spent some of the afternoon writing that letter, and come 4 it was time to head to our event.  JC and I took a van to the King George V school in Kowloon where we set up our table and started to sell.  We're really pushing foie gras, truffle sauce, and of course, wines.  But, we get to drink wines while working! And we got some tasty Indian and Japanese food from the function as well.  Basically we stand out with plates of truffle sauce and foie gras crakers soliciting people to buy and try our wines.  Did I mention this is at a primary school!?  This would not happen in America.  Come 7 and Paul came to check out our table.  Greg generously poured him wine, told me to show Paul around, and then when I went back to work Paul helped by filling the crackers with our products.  Paul went over to the beer table (again at a primary school!) and a kid asked if they could have a Coke.  "No we can't serve Coke because it's school policy." ha!! I love Hong Kong!!!  Toward the beginning of the night I was not feeling selling.  I don't like to be in people's faces.  By the end of it, it was such a thrill to entice people to the table and actually sell a bottle or tin of foie gras.  I think I could get good at this.  And here's the kicker.  We're sampling wines all night, and guess who takes the open bottles home.  Yup, me!!!! Paul and I came home with 6 bottles of wine.  He's sold on my job.  And so am I :)

17 month anniversary cheese and crakers (not related at all to this post) 
My Wednesday night (first) event with HFW at the Lanson

The leftovers from tonight that P and I took home.  Asa!

JC packing up the goods.  
Tomorrow is an LKF event followed by Clockenflap.  More on Cloken Sunday.....

PS got cold tonight!!! We're pushing high 50s!

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