Monday, December 5, 2011

December 7th, 2011

Shall be known as Lauren's first day of (real) work since June 18th, 2009.

Greg called from House of Fine Wines (HFW) and wants me to come in tomorrow at 1:30 to start my first day as an employee!  As of current there is so much to do that I will basically be doing a bunch of everything.  Everything includes marketing, finance, sales, logistics and operations, and I'm hoping lots and lots of tasting :)  Once we get a little bit of order in place we're going to sit down and talk again about my specific role in the company going forward.  Again, I need some help with some fun titles here.  Lauren, Ambassador of Grand Cru.  Something along those lines, no?  Tomorrow WE are holding a large event at a 5 star hotel for an executive Christmas party.  Not bad for a first day, huh!?  I assume my role is to get everything set up, make sure a glass doesn't go empty, and keep the crackers full of foie gras and truffle oil.  Asa.

Interesting how things all fall into place.  Today I also got a response from Steve at Portrait Wines who informs me that lack of experience doesn't necessarily matter in this business.  They are very busy this week, but we are going to arrange a tea for later this week (if I have time with this NEW JOB and all!!!).

Today was also my lunch with the women I met at HFW's tasting last week.  We had a lovely time chatting about their products over Thai curry pumpkin and a whole fish.  I don't think I will ever get sick of that pumpkin.  Yummy.  Soon I have to tutor for an hour and head down to Central to meet Dean, the wine guy.  Hopefully he'll have some good insights into the industry here, and I'm hoping he knows HFW and has something positive to say.  Ahhh can't believe I have a job!

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