Friday, December 16, 2011

Kina's School of DP (dinner parties)

Kina hosted us for the most amazing dinner last night!!  Now I am totally petrified to ever have them over, but I definitely will.  I just need to fine tune some skills first!  We turn up at 8 and they're going full force in the kitchen.  I know Nina (and Kenny) can cook, Thanksgiving was amazing, but dinner for just us!?  This was superb!  We started with a cheese plate and Kenny's mulled wine, which in all honesty is probably the best mulled wine I've ever had.  Christmas in a cup; start anise, cloves, orange zest, yummmm.  The cooking continues, but we are instructed to move over to the table where Nina shows us how to assemble our own Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls.  Shrimp, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, and mango rolled together in a wet rice paper, then dunked in Thai chili sauce.  We seriously bit into summer.  Then we sit down.  We started with what I can only describe as stuffing soup.  Parsnips, mushrooms and who knows what else topped with chorizo and my contribution, truffle oil.  Next round, beet salad.  This is always a favorite of mine and I have decided that it will be serves as part of my last meal.  Well, you know, if I have a choice.  Then the main.  Kenny roasted rack of lamb and Nina made a gravy.  Yum. Yum. Yum.  The whole evening was just totally impressive.  I think they should open a school on how to entertain.  And then enroll me.  Here are some photos:

Summer Rolls
My favorite; beet salad

Rack of Lamb
And here's what I did at work all day yesterday.  I ran all over Wan Chai and Central gathering goods to make wine hampers.  The finished product, which incidentally, didn't even get delivered on time.  Rrrrrr.

And here's Paul and his co-teacher June at his last day of school in 2011!!!  Woohoo!!  Homeward bound in just 4 days!!!!

But now I'm off to way far away in the New Territories for yet another Christmas fair...outside.  Boo, but I only have to go for half day then it's spicy crab dinner with the crew.  Peace out. 

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