Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perfect Job for Me

So far this job seems like it was written for me.  It's casual, flexible, a little work, a little play.  Even though I've been working 12+ hour days all week, the time flies and is never stale.  Except when it's 10 pm and you're packing up boxes among trash and broken saltines.  Yesterday I spent all morning in the office installing new software and getting orders and things in place.  Come 5 and it was time to pack up the van and go down to Central where HOFW was hosting a wine tasting during Banker's Nite.  There were a bunch of bankers, but as I mentioned earlier, a lot of FLA-ers too (hey, that's why I would have gone too).  One wine for you, one for me.  One foie gras for you, one for me.  We have a nice little system going here.

As I'm sitting in the office yesterday I ask Greg, my boss, when the last time he went home to Ireland was.  "1994."

"Where have you been since 94?"

"I was in Thai prison for 12 years."


He had me going for a while there, and it was starting to make some sense.  Small wine importing company...but no, he was "have a go at me."  Anyway...

Today I have Agnes at 10 for tutoring, heading down to Wan Chai to pick up gift baskets for some hampers we're putting together, office work, and dinner with Kina (Kenny and Nina).  We haven't seen them in two weeks, so I'm pumped to catch up!

Other good things about work.  Well not mine, but Paul's.  CHOCOLATE.  People love to give their kindy teachers fancy chocolates, and kindy teacher's girlfriend's sure appreciate it.  For breakfast today I had a kimchi and salmon roll (made by Paul!) followed by Ferro Roche.  I believe for lunch I shall have some Godiva and for dinner Marks & Spencer.  Tis the month foie gras, chocolate, wine, homemade Irish cream, and let's not even think about what will be consumed over Christmas.  I can't wait for my mom's cooking!!!  Calories don't count at Christmas, right?
The Tasting Table

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