Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 1 Employed

And I didn't quit, freak out or fall asleep!  Success.  ha.  After Greg took me to a nice dim sum lunch, he told me a little more about what all I have gotten myself into.  Apparently they're taking a big risk taking me on because finances are so tight (they're entirely internally funded), but he "has a feeling about me."  And I really see a lot of potential for what I can do here.  Everything is kind of thrown together.  They move from one event to the next and really need to spend some time on the administration, finances, and organization.  But we need to get through the holiday season first.

Yesterday we held a tasting for the residents of the Lanson executive suits.  My job was basically to man the kitchen; cut the bread and cheese, spread the foie gras, truffle sauce, roll the hams, and make sure the trays kept coming.  I haven't worked in a restaurant since college, but it was kind of therapeutic to be so engrossed in what I was doing.   My job was to free up time for Greg to be out with the guests. Sales Sales Sales.  I did get to taste one wine, a $1,300 Alasace from Spain.  Yum.  And then come 10:30 it was time to go home.   Today I'll be in the office and hopefully will learn about their invoicing and all that nonsense.  I have definitely already worn a bunch of hats, and it's just one day!  Tomorrow and Saturday and I will be working events.  More on that when I find out.  Oh and because they pay so little they're totally flexible with me keeping my tutoring.  Sweet.

Now tis time for breakfast and then off to the office :) 

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  1. :) haha. sounds exciting and unique! Sure you could really help them leverage their talents.

    you can bet im gonna ask you for advice now....on good food lol