Sunday, December 11, 2011

Working Girl!

HFW Table
Trapped behind the table
After a cold, yet fun evening Friday, it was straight back to work on Saturday.  I head over to Kwun Tong at 9am to meet JC and Greg, who was still asleep, and who can blame him?  He was up til 2 getting stuff ready, orders together, and putting away Fridays stuff.  ANyway, JC and I went down to LKF where we set up our wines and products on a tiny tiny table!  The room was not much bigger than my tiny bedroom here and there were 6 different vendors set up.  There was a blanket company, water bottles, some jewelry, and us!  And then there were several other floors with different stuff, but I didn't wander too much as I had basically built myself in behind my table.  I finally left at 2:30 to get lunch, and then returned to stand behind the table until 6.  It was fun and time flies, but the event was kind of a bust.  The location was hard to find and uninviting due to the small size, so I don't think we did too well.  Although we did do better than most everyone else.  Truffles be popular!  And I got to sip on wines and make friends with all the other vendors.  Who doesn't like the wine guy!?  It's fun to see how this small community of entrepreneurs works.  Everyone kind of knows everyone from different events, and there seems to be lots of support and encouragement.

Paul came toward the end of the event and drank some wine with me Greg and the other vendors, and then we set out for Clockenflap!!!  It was on the West Kowloon waterfront which is stunning!  As you walk in there are lights and glowing chairs everywhere and you can hear the techno blaring in the distance.  Again you have to buy coupons (what's with the stupid coupons!), and then turn them in for wine and beer.  I opted for wine and we made friends with the sweetest wine guys.  They looked to be high schoolers, were freezing, and I think just trying to pour out all the wine to get home.  I can't imagine how cold they must have been if they'd been there all day!  It was cold (50s), windy, and on the water, so we didn't make it too long either.  Brrrrrrr.

New friends
Sunday was my day off!!  Paul and I took the surprisingly quick bus up to Yuen Long to use a groupon.  We've had this one a while on account of the fact that Yuen Long is FAR!  Way up in the New Territories.  The lunch was ok, lots of mayonnaise (odd), and then we head back home to relax. Long trip for a subpar lunch, but at least we saw something new.   Paul's coming down with a cold.  I think it's got to be the change in weather.  Seems like everyone's sick!!

Today it's back to 12.  ha love it!  Then I have to leave at 1 to come back here to tutor.  Tonight I'm going to cook a nice dinner and get some shopping done, because it's go go go all week.   Ta Ta!

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