Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

So far I have had the best Christmas imaginable!  

Paul and I landed in Pittsburgh after a quick 18 hour trip around the world where Debbie, Paul's mom, picked us and Steve, Paul's brother, up.  We went immediately over to NACL (Salt) for Aunt Lynn's birthday dinner.  The family reunion was a fantastic introduction to the family.  Steve, Katie (Paul's little sister), Paul and I all chatted on our end, and Debbie, Aunt Lynn and her daughter, Jennifer, chatted on the other.  What a great family!  I have never seen brothers and sisters so close and sweet to each other!  They have all these cute inside jokes and are just so sweet and affectionate to each other.  Day 2 and we had an amazing breakfast with Debbie and opened our Christmas gifts.  We had such a nice time chatting, unwrapping, and getting to know each other; Debbie's the best!  We picked up Steve and head to Monteray Bay, Paul's favorite restaurant, on Mt. Washington.  From the restaurant you can see all of Pittsburgh; the 2 stadiums, downtown, the convergence of the 2 rivers, and the foods fantastic to boot.  What really stuck me about the (ultra nice) restaurant was the customer service. Living in Asia for so long, I had forgotten what that was.  No tip, no care-y about you.  Eat and get out is the general philosophy from my experience, so it was nice to be catered to.  Yes, I would like some more bread.  Yes, yes, dressing on the side.  And it happened!  Oh America, how I love thee. 

Post lunch we went to the Phipps Conservatory to check out the greenhouse's Christmas decorations, then we left Debbie to have dinner with Paul's dad.  We sat around slurping spaghetti and talking mostly politics.   Paul's dad and my dad would totally get along, as would Debbie and my mom.  I can't wait to have a big family get together!! 

Our final day in Pittsburgh was so much fun!!  I woke up super early due to jet lag, and went downstairs.  His dad, Paul, was downstairs also, so we sat and chatted all morning while Paul slept.  Then it was girl's day.  Katie, Debbie and I hit the spa for facials, which were amazing!, shopped, and had a sushi dinner.  Then Katie I met up with the boys and went to Paul's best friend's house to meet the friends.  Even though our trip was short, I feel I got in one on one time with everyone in the family, I met the friends, and most importantly, I feel that I have doubled my family.  The Fiehlers are the warmest, most gracious, generous people I have ever met and I am so excited to spend more time with them!  <3

Christmas Eve and twas time to head to NJ.   I had cereal at Paul's and felt fine.  We hit the airport and after a teary goodbye (I'm going to miss those Fiehlers!) Paul and I got lunch.  I got some marinated vegetables and Paul had a burrito of which I had a few bites.  Poor Paul always has to endure my "just one more bite."  Flash forward to the flight and I'm not feeling good.  Blame the lack of sleep.  Blame the slight hungoverness.  Blame the food.  But I was sick.  Who doesn't love puking on a plane!?  Yeah, good times.  I go back to my seat and Paul whispers to me, "The stewardess asked if you were pregnant."  haha Does she know something I don't know? She returns to give out drinks and mouths to me, "Are you pregnant?"  Oh I forgot to mention that Paul and I were both rocking Steeler's jersey's that his dad gave us that morning. Just cause I'm wearing a jersey, doesn't mean I'm hiding a bump. We get off the wretched hour flight to run to the bathroom yet again, and she mouths to Paul, "She's pregnant."  haha, WTF!? 

Anyway, Christmas here is amazing!  I feel much better, and Paul got to meet my family!!  It doesn't feel like it's been almost a year and a half since being home.  When you're home, you feel like you never left, you know?  This morning we all came downstairs to open presents, and open presents we did!  For 2+ hours!  Paul and I totally made out!  We got Wii, a camera, Kindle, tons o clothes, and a bunch of other great stuff.  As I'm typing this Stacy, Scott and Paul are playing Mario Party 8 on the wii.  Paul is so sweet and got me my favorite perfume from Marc Jacobs, a bag I fell in love with, and my old blog printed into a book!!!  I made him a photo album and got him a beer making kit.  We have so much fun stuff to do in Hong Kong!!

I just feel so lucky right now.  I love the Fiehlers.  I get to spend a week with my family.  I get to see my best friends.  And I have the best fiance in the whole world.  Life is good. 

Merry Christmas!!

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