Monday, January 7, 2013

Follow Up Resolutions

Invite people over more often

It's so un-Hong Kong, but that's why I need to make the extra effort.  Post Japan Quarry Bay party cominng soon.

I had a really good new one and now can't remember....will post when I think of it.....

Sunday was birthday Sunday!!  After a weightlifting am work out, Paul and I head to the Pawn for Will'ls surprise birthday brunch.  We'd never been to the Pawn but I had always wanted to.  It's in the heart of Wan Chai and is housed in a super old British building that used to be, dah dah dahhhhh, a pawn shop.

View from Pawn roof
We had a table outside in the sun and it was so wonderful to catch up with Will and Sarah, Kina, Allison and Michael, and Kueng.  And Paul's blood pudding wasn't too bad either.

Then it was off to Central to catch up with my group of lady friends for Cathy's birthday celebration at Posto Pubblico.  It's super hard to believe I hadn't been to PP before as it's Linguini Fini (my favorite place in HK)'s predecessor, and I'm glad I finally had a reason!  Food was great and $100 bottomless Prosecco is nothing to sneeze at.

Monday back at it.  Busy, busy, busy, followed by tutoring Ian.  His mom contacted me last week and I couldn't say no.  Ian is just the sweetest kid that he makes it enjoyable.  And after not seeing his mom in a month, lady is pregnant!!  Due in March, just like Ian.

2 more sleeps til JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

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