Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wine Week, aren't they all?

Despite the worst book I have ever put my mits on, this was a fantastic week. (I realize I am now 1/2 way though the next week)
My new hot issue

On Monday and Tuesday Paul and I enjoyed quiet nights in.  Tutoring, groceries, unpacking, cooking, facemask.  The norm.

 alll for Patrick and I
Wednesday and the tastings began. There's this brand new restaurant behind my office in Kwun Tong.  This is big news because Kwun Tong is severly (I cannot stress enough- I bring lunch everyday because if not my 2 choices are mediocre sushi or a sandwich from Johnny Cafe) short on quality restaurants.  The new restaurant boasts a Michelin rated chef, chic albeit small interior, and a pricey lunch menu.

Wednesday they hosted a winemaker tasting.  Kind of.  Seeing as the winemaker didn't show up, I don't know if you could really call it a winemaker tasting, but he was supposed to be there so I suppose that's how it was marketed.  Oh, why didn't he come?  Probably because the only guests of the evening were me and my friend Patrick, whom I met a wine tasting way back November 2011 and works nearby.

This was fine as we had unlimited access to some fantastic Rhone wines, as reported here.  The following evening Patrick and i went to another tasting from the same wine company as the previous night; Tina Cellar.  This was a little better attended, and woooow we tried some awesome (and awesomely expensive) wines.

After the tasting I walked over to Wan Chai art centre for an art opening and craft beer tasting.  Turns out friends Sarah and Fullton were also in for a night of peacocks and koi fish.  For real.  I chatted up the beer guy (Jon from Hof Leaf) inquiring if I could purchase some beers to bring home to poor Paul who basically quarentined himself all week with papers to grade.

Jon told me a bit about himself.  American.  Ex-accountant.  Moved to Korea to teach.  Quit that to move to Hong Kong.  to work in Booze.  Hmmm familair story, Jon.    And then gave me 4 different bottles of Rogue to take home, gratis!

Friday we had an amazing, I'm talking soul food at its finest, dinner at Magnolia for Derek's last birthday before 30.  Magnolia is a very popular private kitchen, and for good reason! Hot damn the food was good, and there was even cornbread!!  We all toasted with a magnum of Champagne (which the staff never brought into our room- money down the drain, thank you) and some of HOFWs finest...under $100 :)

Saturday work.  Isn't that the same old story?  Followed by a Japanese dinner, followed by Korbin Kameron wine (excellent), followed by Django Unchained.  Fantastic movie by the way.

Sunday I played tour guide to my favorite winemakers; Giancarlo and Davide Ponte, and their Export Manager, Linda Paci.  Linda is hands down the best/nicest/pleasant/pragmatic/quick/awesomest person I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She's prompt and pleasant and it was so so so exciting for me to meet her in person.  Giancarlo and Davide, despite their lack of English, were super positive and fun forces just to be near.

After picking them up from the airport, we met Paul at Maxim's for a dim sum lunch.  Poor choice.  These Italians were sick of Chinese after spending the past week in China (and who can blame them) and lacked some of Paul's enthusiasm for char siu bao.  We not so stuffedly head out for the Star Ferry to TST, a brief walk, glass of wine, and adieu!  They were tired from traveling so we parted.  Paul and i enjoyed the rest of our early evening sipping wine in Central while he graded and I further tortured myself with White Jacket.  Seriously, just shoot me it's so bad.

Ugh I cannot say enough about how sweet Linda, Davide and Giancarlo were.  They are totally warm and have invited us into their home and family this summer!  I can't wait to visit!  Cheese, salami, and Barbera in the vineyard!!

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