Saturday, January 5, 2013


Do today has basically been the coolest day ever.

1.  I slept in til 8.  Ok not that cool, but

2.  Spent a solid 3 hours responding to emails and researching Niseko, Japan....

3.  So ridiculously excited for Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  SIgned up and paid for WSET diploma.  It's official, the next 2 years of my life are devoted to the study of wine!

5.  Bought new Arcteryx jacket for $100 (and Paul got one too, and we got gloves)

6.  Made nice with my client at Kitchentainment.  Love Gabe!

7.  Went for an amazing walk on this beautiful day with Paul. (We bought lotto tickets. come on my lucky 6)

8.  Hit up Flying Winemaker for an awesome wine tasting with Adrienne from my class.   I love all my wine friends!  All of the wines were fantastic (see review on HOFWs blog soon) and best part of all....

9.  Was talking to a Cali guy about what wines he liked, passed him my card, to which he replied....'I know HOFWs......I was on your blog this morning'  FOR REAL!?  People read my work blog!!?  People that I don't know!?  Soooo happy right now.

10.  Almost tying the blog excitement, we found this amazing new (3 months) wine bar, La Cabane.  All natural wines from France.  Awesome staff (thanks Alben!) and awesome friends; Adrienne, Faye, Sean, Allison, Michael, and of course, Paul :)

11.  Amazeballs food at Habibi Cafe.

12.  Home by midnight.

Best day ever.

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