Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I don't generally make serious new years resolutions, but this year it seems to be a hot topic in Hong Kong.  To join in the January madness I have come up with several for myself....

1.  Get in shape!

This whole working long days at wine tastings really hits the gut.  Between saltines, wine samples (one for you, one for me), and all of the holiday parties and hangovers, this kid has been neglecting her new gym membership. 

According to my personal training session last night I am on the path for achy joints and bad posture if I don't start working out NOW (with him for a mere $800hkd/hour).  I will continue running in the am, but will step up the iron pumping post work. Riiiight.

2.  File taxes for the past 3 years.  

Oops!  This probably should have been done, well, 3 years ago.  But, seeing as it wasn't, perhaps 2013 is the year to do it.  Fingers crossed for lucky #13.

3.  Keep up to date on industry news

I think we all have a tendency to turn to facebook when we don't feel like thinking.  Other online vices include; (even though she annoys the crap out of me), (gotta support the vegans in Korea), (what a freakin time killer),and occasionally I'll kill a few minutes reading my own blog (this is important as my memory continues to deteriorate).

Instead, my new time killers will be valuable to my career; wine blogs!,,,,,,

4.  Drink more expensive wine

I have a tendency to drink cheap (~$100) wine as I can't rationalize spending so much on something that will be gone so quickly.  Well, as part of getting fit (#1) I want to cut back the booze (read take it back to 3 or 4 nights a week), and as such can allocate those saved hundos on nicer bottles of wine, which will help me kill it in wine school.

So that's about all I can think of for now.  I'm sure there's a lot more things I should improve on in my life this year, but that's what I've got so far.  I'll come back to this in early April with a Q1 assessment. 

Off to Din Tai Fung with Paul's co-workers for some aaaaammmmmazing soup dumplings (xiao long bao!)!!  Tomorrow we have not a thing planned, woohoo. Then Sunday brunch (at 2pm- their word, not mine) with the ladies for Cathy's birthday.  Ta!

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