Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's official, 2013 is the best year ever

Japan on Thursday!!!

and this just booked....

Bali Feb 8-13th!!

[About that: My bosses, classically, waited until today to tell me that I do in fact have all of Chinese New Year off.  Well guess what, flights have jumped to over $1,000 since I was looking a month ago!

So we finally found some flights that were affordable-ish and here's how they'll work.  Leave Saturday 5pm---->Jakarta--->arrive Bali Sunday 9 am.  Awesome.

Here's the more fun flight.  Leave Bali Wednesday 11 pm--->Jakarta--->arrive HK 6 am.  Straight to work for this kid.  At least I'll be tan when I get in :)]

I will head over to AWSEC next week to pay for my diploma level WSET course which begins in February.  I have finally decided to do an 'independent study' which basically means I study and arrange tastings on my own.  Woot.  First test April!

And then, if things couldn't be any more fun, Chetta and Ryan are coming in March!!!  I love 2013 already!!

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