Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year Hanoi Style!

I last left you in the cold windy rains of Hue about to embark on an overnight journey back to Hanoi.  And we thought Hue was cold.  A) the bus was FREEZING B) about an hour before arriving in Hanoi, 5:30 am, the bus driver thought it would be awesome to wake everyone up by turning on the lights and blaring, I mean BLARING, Vietnamese music.  Ohh the agony.

breakfast buffet at the hotel
After being swarmed by a mob of taxi drivers whilst trying to alight (I'm learning English in HK!) we made our way to our amazing hotel that we had booked a week back in anticipation of a fancy NYE in the Old Quarter.  Since it was only 6 in the morning our room wasn't ready, but they let us check in early (with fee) to another room.  Short sleep, breakfast buffet, and then we were asked if we would like to upgrade to one of 3 executive suites the hotel offers for a mere $10 more.  No problem!

The living room
We had our own living room, office, jacuzzi, and balcony overlooking the whole of the Old Quarter!  Perfect.   We spent the day lounging and then found the best Indian food right next door.  I'm talking better than India Indian food.  At this point we were a little Vietnamesed out, so some naan and curry was mucho welcome.

More lounging and meandering and Paul very proudly came across a NYE must; Ukranian sparkling wine.  Despite where it was from, it wasn't totally garbage (like some certain Vietnamese wines I know), although too sweet to drink much of. 

bathrobes, ukrainey sparkles, and One Direction
Post sparkler we head out in the cold (brrr 50s!) to a Korean restaurant for out last meal of 2012.  Not only was the restaurant Korea, but it also boasted outdoor seating above the large cirlce where a NYE performance (talent show) was held.  Asa!  We enjoyed some of our Korean favorites, watched as people balanced on crazy amounts of rolling platforms, juggled fire, and performed other random acts of circusry, and then head back to our suite for a crazy night in watching 2012 best music (apparently One Direction is the only band tha made any music in 2012) drank a couple cocktails, and promptly fell asleep at 1.

We watched the CNN coverage of Times Square with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  Who approved that!?  It was painful to watch that crazy lady harrass Anderson; awkward and boring at the same time.  Did you catch that??

Watermelon shakes!
It was an amazing trip; definitely one of our tops!  We feel excited about the new year, excited for the trips to come, and excited about each other.  Good work Vietnam!

6 more sleeps til Japans!

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