Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ohhh Asian Haircuts

As I have bemoaned in the past, it tis hard to get a decent haircut in Asia.  My last few have been ok, but it has been far too long since my last so I finally cracked today and just stopped into a random one I saw it Kwun Tong.

It had a lovely outside and looked promising.  Sit down and am immediately handed 2 English magazines by a nice young woman who apparently doesn't speak English.  Good start.  Hair wash complete with scalp scratching and massage.   Then I tell the haircut man (always a man here) just a trim, perhaps a little face framing.  In America this generally means shorter near the face.

I indulge in my UK Marie Claire and then I feel some razor action going on.  Oh no no my kind sir, we don't do that here.  He kindly obliged and then a few minutes later he finished and pulled out the mirror so I could see the back.

Short in back.  Long in front.  Tboz circa Waterfalls 1996 style.  Hmmm.

This is not from wind, this is very intentional
I am then lead back to the hair basin for a rinse (unnecessary but whatever) by a new hair man and then it's blowdry time.  He puts tons of wax in, twists and dries in sections, which I appreciate but by the end  I look like I have an afro....a frizzy afro.   There is so much stuff in my hair now that I am totally intrigued by how it looks....and oddly kind of into it, but I am hugely skeptical of how this fro will look tomorrow when left in my hands.

I'll keep ya posted.

One more sleep til vacay!! 

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