Thursday, May 10, 2012

And Signed

Paul officially sent in all of his papers to his new employer, The Harbour School!  August 1 we're moving, August 4 going home for 10 days and most importantly Chetta and Ryan's wedding!, and August 16th Paul starts!

Last night Paul and I went all the way down to Kennedy Town for a night of trivia, wine and friends.  Kennedy Town is awesome.  It's further West than Sheung Wan and is totally up and coming.  Tons of cute little bars tucked in between shark fin shops and dai pai dongs.  We met Laura and Derek who just moved into that hood, and Justin and Jackie who we hadn't seen forever!!  It was so much fun to do bar trivia again, and best of all Laura, Derek and I totally schooled Jackie, Justin and like 3 points.  And the other best thing about Kennedy Town is that we can catch the 101 bus directly back to our front door.  Nice little Thursday night out....

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