Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Swim = Dragon Death

Perhaps swimming for an hour was a bit much considering I haven't swam since the Philippines, and by swim I mean float in the ocean.  I made my way down to Stanley, enjoyed a lovely frozen yogurt (the trend caught on here too) and Ruth Riechl on the water, and come 2 pm Dboat was full on.  I don't know if it's because of the swimming, the lack of sleep, or the sinus infection I've been fighting off for a week, but practice killed me.  There were times when I just stopped paddling.  I couldn't do it.  And I'm no quitter, especially when most of the people there have 10+ years and 40+lbs. on me.

After boating Paul came and met me for a lovely Belgian beer at this awesome place Groucho's.  It's basically a hotdog/burger joint but it's right on the water and had a surprisingly awesome Belgian beer list.  Then we got back on the bus, showered changed, and buses back down to the island.  I am not going to miss living on the mainland my friends.  Island you are welcomed with open arms!!

We went to this dinner party in the Mid-Levels.  This guy is living in his parent's place while they travel the world (currently on safari in Africa).  Pretty sweet deal.  It was huuuuuuge and overlooked Victoria Harbour.  Dinner was all take out, but good nonetheless, and the helper....wait let me explain.  Almost 30 year old Llyon lives in his parent's house alone yet has a helper.  So I guess not alone, but you know what I mean.  I mean, I guess who else will make his bed?  ha.  Hong Kong is totally over the top with their helpers.  Everyone, I mean everyone has one.  Pays them shit.  Puts them up in closests.  They have absolutely no rights in Hong Kong.  In fact, the government just appealed a decsion that would have allowed helpers to get the same citizenship everyone else gets after 7 years.  But no, they aren't real people I suppose.  It's all very bizarre, but from what I hear the end goal for a helper (JeJe) is to end up with a Western family.  Apparently we're nicer in general than the Chinese.

Anyway, party was fun but we had to head out early becasue someone, me, had to work allllllllllllll day yesterday.  The event turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be, but that also meant we didn't sell anything.  I sat and watched Capoeira for 12 hours straight and probably made 3 sales.  At least I didn't have to stand and there was wine.  Paul joined me after a 2 hour dragon boat practice (not sorry I missed that) and the rest of the evening was lovely.  Lionel came for a bit and we all just sat sipping wines rocking out to the music.  But 12 hours in a YWCA gymnasium is certainly not my idea of a fun Sunday.

Paul getting a glitter tat
Today the sun is back, obviously.  Isn't it funny how it has a way of hiding on my days off?   Tutoring 1 cancelled today, so just the twins, followed by Game of Thrones, Mad Men and bed.  Run, work, swim, tutor.  Then Wednesday things should get interesting....

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