Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sales Woman

Yesterday I went out on my first (solo) sales assignment.  I went down to Maureen's in Wan Chai so she could sample some of our house wines.  This is so much fun!! I dragged a softiee cooler with 4 bottles of wine through the 90 degree heat, oh did I mention I was wearing heels.  Made it there drenched, but had such a blast sipping on wines, chatting with Maureen, and snacking on some of her delicious snacks!!  She put out her Chinese Wine Egg which was amazing!  There was also a plate of her lemon chicken, Spanish cured ham, marinated mushroom, and an incredible abalone.  Most of her food is sous vide which was cool to watch, but her main business is noodles.   I will definitely bring P back soon for some custom designed noodles.  Best of all she ordered 48 bottles to start which equals commission for me!

Post meeting it was still early so I head over to Central to solicit some more sales.  Didn't have a terrible amount of success, but dropped our brochure and my name card a few places and then it was time to relax with Foodie Magazine (my Street View is in this issue) and a Thelonious Monk.  Life is good.

Tonight I'm hosting a wine tasting at AME Gallery in Soho.  I'm excited since this was my event and I saw it from conception to fruition.  Fingers crossed we sell a lot!  Or at least something....

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