Sunday, May 20, 2012


What's new this week:

I learned to count to 10 in Cantonese....finally
Went to the opening of ARTHK in Wan Chai
I found my intern an apartment in Causeway Bay.  Now I need to find one for myself
Went on my first junk of the season
Oh and one more, I'm legally working in Hong Kong!!!!!!

Last week was pretty standard with an art opening and fun night working at Fringe for good measure.  Friday evening Paul and I apartment shopped in the POURING down rain and finally found a nice place for Julia, HOFWs newest employee (I guess I shouldn't say intern as she'll be here for 6+ months.  Should I be nervous??), then got a lovely Indian curry dinner in Fortress Hill.  This is the first time either of us had spent any time in Fortress HIll and it's just lovely!!!  We'll definitely have to poke around here for apartments.

Then Saturday we JUNKED all day!!  The weather was clear in the AM, but relented to rain in the afternoon.  It don't matter.  Swimming, chatting, WINE, you know all the requisites for good times, were there.  The boat was amazing too.  After we boarded the wrong boat, we were directed to the correct boat.  Although smaller than the first, it was much better!  Full kitchen, big fridge, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and of course large seating area on the main floor.  Robbie organized and arranged for his friend from Beirut (kebab restaurant in Central) to provide some delicious Lebanese food. I provided the wine, and Robbie the beer, so we were set.  Oh except as we arrived we realized there was space on a boat.  Quick call to Laura and Derek later and we were full!  Truly an awesome day with some awesome people.

After cruising in at sunset under a rainbow (HK you amaze me) Paul and I pulled ourselves together and raced up the hill to Kina's for a French feast.  For their collective birthdays, Nina's brother sent them a magnum of Champagne, and what can only be described as a magnum of duck confit.  Nina served amazing little goat cheese puffs with truffle oil (HOFW!), a very French frizze salad with a poached egg and bacon, and then the main of roast duck confit covered in a layer of mashed potatoes.  AMAZING. And too totally outdo herself, there was an apple tart served a la mode for dessert.   Nina, Kenny,  WONDERFUL dinner!  Again truly great people with out of this world food.

Sunday and there was no rest.  Paul and I got up early and hauled it over to Macau for a day of gambling, eating, and sweating.  We pulled in around 12, saw some of the sights, had homemade noodles and whole crab lunch, and gambled for a couple hours.  The result:  no dice on winning, but I am officially official!

Now it's Monday and back to work.  Another busy week with a saffie arriving Friday!!!

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