Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had such an awesome visit with Nicole!  It felt like another day back in Haebongcheon.  We all kept saying how we can't believe it's been a year....almost to the day!

Nicole's from South Africa but has been in Korea since Sept 2009.  Same as me!  She and her boyfriend, Eric are leaving Kimchi ville this fall and the plan is to spend next year(s) in Guatemala, where Eric is from.  Then hopefully come here!!!!!  Everyone loves HK :)

Sicilian Wine Tasting At HVJC

Saturday we picked up Julia, the newest employee at HOFWs.  She's so sweet and we spent a really nice afternoon sipping Sicilian wines.  Then we met the rest of the crew for a lovely wine filled night in Central hanging out by the escalators.
Dim Sum Brunch

Sunday Funday!  Except someone (ahem me) had to work.  We all had a lovely dim sum brunch at Maxim's (so good!), then Paul played tour guide and showed Nicole and Julia around The Peak and TST while I slaved away at a tasting.

The Peak
My wine dinner went well and the food was good, which gives me a lot more confidence in my wine knowledge!  I can't wait to begin my course in June!!! Check out HOFWs blog for dinner review:  www.houseoffinewines.blogspot.com

As it always seems to happen, Monday rolled around again.  Nicole and I said a sad goodbye, but I have an idea it won't be too long before I see her again.  
Monday Paul and I went for oysters :)

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