Monday, May 21, 2012


Today was totally busy.  In a good way, but definitely nonstop.  I did take a nice break to go to lunch with Patrick.  Remember Patrick?  He's my friend who knows a golf pro who knows John Daly and also happens to work right across the street.  We met with his office's property owner/friend for some dim sum.  I love going to dim sum.  And I especially love going to dim sum with Chinese people!  It makes me miss my days of going out with Ms. Han, never knowing what exactly would come out, but knowing it would be totally new and totally different.  Today we had a mix of the usual with some new to me items; shrimp dumplings, shrimp and pork fried rice, shu mai, spring rolls, shrimp eggy noodles (new!), and garlic broccoli.  Yummy.

Also of note today, Greg says he'll pay for my wine course!!!  Woohooo.  BUT only in December.  Rightly he doesn't want to put out the money, have me trained, and then see me bail.  So if I do my course and stay at least til year end, he'll pay.  Done deal my friend.

Now tis time for the season finale of Revenge!! Ahhhh can't wait!

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