Friday, May 4, 2012

Mandarin Burger Date

Hungry for Facebook burgers

On Labor Day Paul and I cashed in my our Facebook contest prize burger dinner at the Mandarin Oriental's Cafe Causette.  We didn't know what to expect as the coupon just said two pulled burger dinners.  What's a pulled burger you ask?  Well so did we, and turns out it means 3 mini burgers of pulled meat; pork, beef, and lamb!  With a huge tub of amazing french fries!  I'm not joking on the huge.  Neither Paul nor I could finish our meals, which made for an awesome  breakfast the next day!  And if all that isn't exciting enough, we had some good ole Heineken to wash it all down.  The pork was definitely the best, although I will say they didn't taste terribly different as they were all on the same soft buns and had the same lettuce and pickle toppings.  A BIG thanks to the Mandarin for this cool holiday treat!
Oh and we got cheese bread.  Yum.
Oh we're excited.  PS are my wrinkles really that big?
Sick of dinner pictures yet?

Chowin Down.

Post dinner while Paul excused himself I decided to hit the closest jewelry shop to try on some necessary pieces for my collection.  Poor guy didn't know how much this bathroom trip would cost him.

Really brings out the crook in my pinky

4K and 18 stones?  Don't mind if I do

Yup and after that we ferried over to TST for what we thought was going to be the opera.  Well turns out it wasn't opera so much as a French choral recital....beginning with the children's choir.  Perhaps this makes me a bad person. Maybe I'm unsophisticated or uncultured.  But within 4 songs of Chinese childrensinging French songs, I was asleep.  Paul and I searched the program for an out.  Intermission was still a good 8 songs off.  Can.  Not. Do. It.  So we go up and ran out like the weenies that we are.  As soon as we got out we laughed, hopped on a bus, and came home to some real culture; Real Housewives of Vancouver.  Ohh if you haven't seen it, dawwwling you absolutely must!

Bailed on the Cultural Centre for the view!

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