Friday, May 11, 2012

Saturday AM

Of course it's my day off and I'm wide awake some 6:40, which is earlier than I usually get up on a weekday.  It would have been perfectly OK had the sun been out and I could get an early start on the beach, but no the sun is long gone and the grey skies and rain of February are back again.  Paul and I head out at 7:45 for our morning walk and it's raining!  Hard. Boo.  I put Paul on the bus (ha) and decide I'll get my exercise in one way or another, so I head to the pool which I have been meaning to do for sometime now.

July 14th, yes MY birthday, there's a 2.2 k open water swim in Shek O I want to do along with a bunch of our friends.  I've been meaning to start 'training' but was told by my 4th grade student that the water is really cold.  Hit the pool at 8 am, and what a liar!! The indoor pool is 28 and the outdoor pool is 26!  The water is perfect and there was only one other person there.  Well except for the crew of 6 lifeguards.  Ohhh and the pool fee has been halved as of May; only $15!  I had such a lovely time swimming laps that the hour just flew by!  I think I shall start swimming 2/3 days a week before work!

After an hour I was pretty tired/hungry so I hit the jacuzzi in the locker room for a minute, showered and was back up in the comfort of my apartment.  Hmmm I hope our new place has a pool downstairs.  Riiight.  Well with this new higher paying job of Paul's we can afford to live somewhere a little nicer than I had resigned myself to in my head....

Came home and whipped together a delicious protein rich breakie. SCrambled eggs with sesame oil mustard and sricacha topped with the freshest mushiest yummiest avocado.  Perfection.

Now I have to head to the beach in the rain anyway for some dboat fun, then home for hopefully a nap and then back down to the island for a party.  Paul and I met this guy Llyon at my jewelry wine tasting Wednesday and he was kind enough to invite us to his dinner party tonight.  Should be lovely....except he lives in a get this, 7th floor walk up!  ha who knew that existed!

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