Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Bum Weekend

Saturday I met Paul after work and we searched for lunch.  We don't go out to eat too often so when we actually make plans to, we want to make it count.  We strolled through Kowloon City when all of the sudden we were beckoned by some red lanterns and an inviting lunch menu.  Twas a cute little Japanese place, Daisuke.   We eat sushi here all the time, but not generally at sushi restaurants.  The sushi from Yata and most grocery store is decent and we enjoy having sushi picnics in the park, so it was really a treat to get the whole deal.  As you walk in there's a private room on the left where the patrons were grilling on the floor, then walk down a couple stairs through wood paneled halls and we were taken to our table which was partition with a small paper screens.  We each got a lunch special; Paul the grilled meat set, and me the salmon sea urchin on rice.  Each set came with a miso soup, sesame dressed cabbage, a glutinous rice ball filled with red bean paste, and best of all a steamed egg.  Oh steamed egg I miss you!  In Korea you always get one with galbi.  This steamed egg came with crab meat in the middle and was topped with smokey shitake mushrooms.  Paul said he liked it more than his grilled meat! While Paul grilled his beef and pork rib, I waited.  Eventually my food was brought, and it was totally worth the wait.  If you've never had sea urchin, you must go right now and find some.  Butter of the sea.  Asa.

Post lunch I had to go home and get ready for work.  Boo.  I get to work, load the van with Greg and our helper of the day, Vivian, and we're off.  We end up hitting more traffic than anticipated, so I'm left on the side of the road with 3 boxes of wine destined for an art gallery, while Greg and Vivian head to our event.  I get a taxi and 30 minutes and a lot of looping through Sheung Wan and Central, and finally I make it to the gallery where I have to cart these boxes up a hill, up a floor, in my new dress.  Then it was back in the taxi:

Me: 'Do you know Park View in Tai Tam?"
Cab Driver: "Oh yeah, no problem."
This is where I spent Saturday afternoon

Flash forward 40 minutes later and we pull into Pacific Place in Stanley.  No bueno, dude.  I get Vivian, who speaks Chinese, on the phone and she clears it up.  We drive alll around the island again and finally 2 hours after I got to work, I got to our event.  
To top it off, there's 4 of us working the event and 3 attending.  ha more for us I guess.  I talked to the guests that were there, made friends with a woman from Texas, and then it was just the HOFWs, tennis pro, and one guy from the tennis match and we just sat around drinking wine, then beer, then onto Prosecco.  Ohhhh it was the Prosecco and the lack of dinner that did me in!!  By the time we left at 9:30 I was pretty well on my way.  I met Paul over at Kina's who were also there will Will and Sarah, our English friends.  hhaah yeah, did not have a sip of alcohol there, and come 12 everyone called it a night.  

Of course 7am Sunday rolls around and I'm WIDE awake.  Got to love that.  Paul and I took it as a sign that we should not do anything all day.  So we didn't.  We watched TV, at one point walked down stairs to get supplies to make pesto, and the immediately returned to the comfort of our couch.

In other news, our roommate Christy informed us that she will be moving out to Sai Kung June 3rd.  Wooohooo, apartment to ourselves until the end of July!!   I mean....we'll miss you Christy.....
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