Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flights Booked!

August 4th Paul and I land in Newark!  Sherine, I'll be home for your birthday!  This is the first direct flight from Asia to home, which is super exciting.  No stupid 13 hour layovers in Beijing for these kids.  This is also the most expensive flight ever, wtf!?  I've been looking into flights for my parents to come here in October and it's almost equally as expensive.  What's going on?  I'm thinking insane gas prices, no?

Yey, it's Friday!  Yesterday I worked at the YWCA (who knew there was a women's version!?) Spring Bazaar with Sean.  Ugh, I'm really pretty sick of these things.  Standing around all day and every time I try to go to do something somehow Sean circumvents me and says 'I've got it.'  So stand I do.  All day long....

Tomorrow is Buddha's birthday so everyone's off work (by everyone, I mean Paul because most foreigners don't work Saturday here); except me.  Paul's going to Beertopia and I'll be manning a tasting at Manchester United in TST.  It's only 3 hours so it shouldn't be too bad.  Followed by tram party!  Sip and snack on a trolley cruising east to west on the island? Sounds good to me!

Oh and big detox success.  So I may have had some chicken, and one diet coke, but no boozes and lots of healthy eating for four days!  And  lots of planks and pushups to boot.  Should be in bathing suit shape in no time.  Ha I'm eating chocolate for breakfast as I type this....

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