Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man O Man

Did I make the best smoothie this morning!  For some reason frozen bananas are sooo much better than their lukewarm counterparts.  Especially when blended with random HK berries, milk and peanut butter.

It's like ice cream for breakfast.
Today at work was quite interesting as well.  I can't believe it's after 4 already.  I got to work, picked up new business cards and foam boards, then immediately went on my first solo delivery!  I took a van down to Central, dropped off two cases of wine for my favorite jewelry gallery AME, then vanned right back.  It is so much faster to van around than MTR it!

Then right when I got back Greg's family friends from Ireland popped in to say hello.  Maggie and her husband (not sure I caught his name) have two sons living and working in Hong Kong, so they come over at least once a year to visit.  Greg showed them our warehouse, told wine battle stories, and then we all went out for a lovely lunch at Corner 90, which is the local go-to with guests place.  And now here it is 3 glasses of wine, one seafood curry, and two new friends (they're cooking Paul and I dinner on Friday week, which in Irish means a week from Friday) deep on a Wednesday.  And it's race night!!  Hopefully the rain holds!

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