Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pizza Weekend!

Friday evening Paul and I had a lovely pizza date night.  He met me over here in Kwun Tong and we hit up Pizza Express for a four course dinner.  For those of you not familiar, Pizza Express is an awesome English pizza chain.  Whenever we used to audit over there PE was the big excitment.  It's a chain yes, but really legit pizza.  We opted for the set dinner which was an amazing deal.  We got:

Cheese stuffed mushrooms and dough balls with pesto and sundried tomato dipping sauces
Chicken goat cheese salad
Cajun chicken pizza (guess who picked that)
Dessert 3 ways; chocolate cake, tiramisu, and cheese cake
Oh and two iced teas

Paul with cheesey mushrooms and dough balls

It was a ton of food, less than $30, and we had leftovers.  Well done Pizza Express.

Saturday post run I hit up Festival Walk (again another mall) for my hair day!!  Three hours, a cut and color later and I have hair all the same length (well almost- still growing out those nightmare bangs from August) for the first time in years!  This is the first legit hair cut I've had in Asia AND I'm blonde.  Woo!

Paul met me after the cut for some lovely dim sum at City U.  It's pretty cool living near so many campuses, and we're kind of just now figuring out that they offer great restaurants for cheap!  Dim sum truly is one of the best afternoons out.  Tea. Tons of courses.  Delicious dumplings.  And random new treats; curry squid this time- was alright.  Then it was off for a work function, kind of.  HOFWs is working with Grandly Pacific to get some truffle deals going online as well as working with them to get some of our organics into hotels.  Ming from GP invited me to come to one of their tasting events to get a feel for the kinds of shows they do.  Turns out they're pretty similar to all wine tastings, which is a beautiful thing.  Manchester United bar in TST hosted the 12 or so distributors.  They all showcased value wines; <$300, and most at the $100 point.  They had some interesting ones from Cali, NZ, Germany, France, and I'm sure many more.  Paul and I had fun sampling them, then retired to an evening of Lost in Translation on the couch.

Wine Tasting at Manchester Unitesd.  Ming (right)
Sunday, bloody Sunday.  I had to get to work at 8:30 so we could van it up to Discovery Bay for their monthly Farmer's Market.  It was a cool event, but what was supposed to end at 2 was still going at 4.  I hadn't eaten all day and had plans to go meet my dragon boat, so I bailed.  These events are exhausting. Since it was so late by the time I ferried back to the island, I missed D-boating and met Paul for some pizza at Linguini Fini.  Have I mentioned I love this place?  haha.  So we had the same waiter as we did for the Sevens, Wahlie, and he remembered us and hooked us up with another dessert.  Tiramisu.  Thanks!!  We LOVE LF!!!!

Goods from the Farmer's Market.  Thanks Garden Farm!

Yeah, so basically I feel like I didn't have too  much of a weekend.  Between work functions and actual work, there was little time to socialize.  Doesn't help that everyone's out of town anyway!  But just today and tomorrow then Easter break!!!! Kind of.  HOFWs doesn't sleep and we have events Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Greg's back tomorrow night, so I suppose I'll find out Wednesday when I actually have off.  Hmmmmm.

Steve and Katie Fiehler get here on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 Linguini Fini Pizza Bianco!

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