Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Well it seems with this holiday week/weekend I have fallen quite behind in my postings!  Yesterday Paul and I sat wracking our brains about what we did last year for Easter and neither of us could remember.  I pulled out my 38th Parable printed blog and checked and apparently we went to the opera; would have thought that would have come to mind...Anyway, this year was a little more low key but just as lovely.  Sunday AM we said a sad goodbye to Katie and Steve, Paul's sister and brother, then head out to the great outdoors.  Prepared with leftover cheese and little else, we took an hour bus ride up to Sai Kung National Park up in the New Territories.
The original plan had been to hike an hour to a secluded beach at Tai Long Wan.  It's supposed to be beautiful, and once the weather gets a little warmer, a great camping place as well, and only reachable by foot or boat.  Things didn't go as planned as we stayed on the bus a little too long, so we ended up doing a loop around the Wong Shek Pier which was just as lovely and shorter which was just fine as we were eager for some cheese :)  We took the bus back and cooked up a lovely vegetarian (well almost except for the chicken stock) pea soup.  Not going to lie, the only reason we made it was beacuse I wanted to use my blender.  So far it's only been used for morning smoothies and i wanted to see what else this baby could do.  Well it can blend a mean pea let me tell you.  We enjoyed our healthy peas with Downton Abbey.  Have you seen it!!?   A great BBC show about early 20th century British aristocracy and their staff.  Awesome clothes, accents and drama. 

How was your Easter!?  I always miss big dinners at Chettas and my mom's homemade egg nest challah bread.  As an Easter bonus this year my boss is tired from a long weekend of shows (I've been off work since Wednesday) so I have Monday off as well!!  It's a public holiday so Paul's off too, so we're hitting the Gap (seriously in need of new clothes and this Asian shopping is leaving me nothing but disappointed!) and then a new island, Peng Chau.  Smell ya later!

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