Monday, April 23, 2012

Sun is Shining, Weather is Sweet

After two weeks of grey (minus a beautiful Sunday!) the sun is back and my motivation to exercise came along with it!  My morning runs have turned into morning walks, but today I was back.  Instead of the normal 40 minute jog, I did some intervals; walk, pushups, run, dips, run, squats, walk, leg ups...etc.  Made the whole thing go much faster and I feel overall worked out.
Cheese, sushi and watermelon picnic on the beach

This boot camp style work out comes thanks to Nicole and dragon boating.  Paul debated all morning on Sunday about weather or not we should go.  We rationalized that we need a day of rest, a day of just lounging on the beach, so we head down to Stanley just in case we wanted to boat.  Who do we run into at the grocery store?  Our coach.  There was no bailing now.  We spent a lovely afternoon picnicking and soaking in the sun then it was time to work.  An hour (20 mins since everyone's late) doing land exercises followed up an hour in the boat. In the end we were glad we went, as always, and definitely felt the fruits of our labor on Monday in the form of sore muscles.  This week is detox week.  Healthy eating.  No boozing.  Exercising.  So far so good!
Fishmen dragon boat competition in Stanley

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