Tuesday, April 3, 2012

John Daly!

Free cone day at Ben and Jerry's!!  Woo.  I imagine what's going to happen is I will get to BJ and there will be a loooong line.  I will decide I don't want to wait in said line and will hit the nearest 711 for a $25 ice cream that I wouldn't have wanted otherwise.  Just my guess....

Today is an exciting day aside from ice cream.  Greg is back which means the office isn't silent! Woohoo.  Since he's been in Bordeaux he's back with fresh ideas and new wine knowledge.  We both decided things are going well and once I get my visa, I will go ahead an step it up. Then we will discuss pay raises and wine training! 

Also exciting today is the weather.  It's 28 degress and sunny!  That's over 80 for those of you in America. And it's almost vacation!!  Public holiday Wednesday through Monday.  I'm sure I'll have to work at least one of those days, but Paul won't and our visitors will be here!

Contentment also arises from the Mandarin Oriental.  You know how I won the burgers?  Well I just got confirmation that I can come in anytime from today onward to collect on my burger meal.  I won the #3 spot for 2 to enjoy burgers and drinks gratis.  Paul and I have decided to go Thursday after I tutor 2 in a row, right before Katie and Steve get in.

Because of the confirmation email via facebook, I learned about a secret Facebook inbox.  Did you know about this!?  On the left side where it says messages, there's a little secret inbox underneath that says 'other.'  WHAT!??  No one told me!!

So remember last November when I met this dude who said he would hook me up with lunch with John Daly, the awesomest gambling golfer out there?  Well said lunch never happened (as I predicted), but turns out it easily could have!  I received a message the next day from Patrick saying let's get together.  But, alas, it remained unread until now, over 4 months later, beacause of this allusive mailbox.  WTF facebook!?

How's your Tuesday!?

PS Greg just busted open the wine for a customer....I'm guessing it'll make its way back to the office shortly!

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