Friday, April 27, 2012

My family hikes everyday

The above is an English lesson via P.  

Not to sound like a broken record, but damn Linguini Fini gets better every time.  Our dinner plans fell through, so Paul and I trudged through the yellow rain to our usual bar perch at LF.  We were immediately greeted by our man Wahid, who inquired, 'Where have you been!?'  It had been a while, since the Sevens actually.  He welcomed us back with a cocktail on the house; Salty Dog (vodka grapefruit juice) for  P and Catail (gin lemonade) for me.  It's no Prosecco cocktail, but refreshing nonetheless.  Wahid is amazing.  He's always in there when we come, and he always goes so far out of his way to make sure we're taken care of.  I must say everyone in there is super accommodating, but Wahid certainly leads the pack.
Then we moved onto a Verdure pizza- delish as always.  I suppose we still looked hungry, because our man came back and said, 'how bout some calamari?" I moved onto wine, Montepulciano, while Paul switched over to a lovely craft beer, Red Tail.  I suppose we've lost some weight or something, because man came back with a tiramisu!  We had such a lovely pizza date night...with Wahid :)

Despite the enduring rain, we ventured up the hill to meet Derek and Laura for some cocktails.  I met Laura months ago on a junk while she was here visiting her then boyfriend, Derek, who was here for a 3 month work stint.  We instantly bonded over our love of JCrew and boats, and now five or so months later they're back and engaged!!  They took us to their favorite local haunt, Bourbon.  Paul and I had never been before, but this place is great!  The entire staff wear Saints jerseys, there is an extensive whiskey/bourbon menu, and happy hour goes til 8:30.  Can't beat that (well, LF can). 

Fruit, veg, protein, carbs
Twas a nice little Friday night out and we were home by eleven.  This morning we Paul slept in, I caught up with the world at Starbuck's via The South China Post, and made a lovely soft boiled egg breakfast a la  No matter how much this blog annoys me, I somehow have to read it every morning with my breakfast.  

Off to work a wine tasting and hit a trolley party!  Woo. 

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