Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovely Little Weekend

Summer is here in full force with over 80 degrees temperatures and over 90% humidity.  It's doing wonders for my hair.  The past two days we've had horrible lightening storms that really make you question carrying your umbrella.  Get wet or act as a lightening rod?  Hmmmm.   Spike after spike of light up the whole sky flashes.

We had a great little weekend.  Paul and I both worked Saturday, then I went with my friend Courtney (journalist at Time!) for our 'makeovers' from Organic Pharmacy in Harvey Nichols.  The makeover was more of a facewash and sales pitch, but we scored some pretty tasty macaroons and free lotion out of it.  Macaroons are a weird (delicious) trend here.  Are macaroons big back in the states right now??  Post OP we met up with Court's roommate, Katie, and Paul at La Piola.  Linguini Fini get nervous, cause this place is stiff competition.  I have no idea how I didn't know about this place before as it has prime seating right outside Lyndhurst Tower in the cross between LKF and Soho.  You order and drink and then it's free flow Italian tapas!!  It's unclear if this is a happy hour thing or an all the time thing, but really makes me question why anyone would pay for an entree here when they're serving up delicious little snacks gratis!
Dragon Man, P, Laura, me, Derek, Court, Katie, Steve

We then proceded into Soho to meet Laura and Derek and Steve.  It was awesome to be able to introduce different groups of friends and have everyone get along so well.  But with good times comes bad tomorrows.  We dragged ourselves in dragon boating at 12:30, arriving just before 2, then paddled our little hearts out for an hour.  Dragon boating is super fun except for this super intense coach.  I don't know her name, but this Chinese woman is serious business.  If she keeps it up I think she'll find lower and lower attendance...

Anyway, post dinner we had a LOVELY dinner at Kina's.  We caught up about our vacations; they'd been in China and Bali for Easter.  Ohhh Bali!!  Their pictures were beautiful, and talking about their experience just confimed that this is THE place to get married.  Then new friend Peter from Germany came over.  He's in software (something like Skype) and was super interesting to talk to about his world views- he's lived everywhere- and his politcal views- Anarcapitalist if you will.   Then Sarah and Will came over and we all had a wonderful homecooked meal from Nina!  She made an awesome spicy shrimp pasta, complete with  chili infused oil Nina made in China.  Quite impressive!   Thanks again Nina and Kenny for another amazing night!

And then the rain began and here we are at Tuesday.  Hit immigration today to drop off my final documents so hopefully, fingers totally crossed, two or three weeks til I get my visa! 

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