Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is horribly untimely

Rain in Mui Wo
Busy busy busy after the holidays and it seems I have fallen ridiculously behind on my postings.  Where was I?  Oh yes...

Thursday Paul and I head over to Lantau to await the arrival of Katie and Steve and just as luck would have it, the rain held until the precise moment we stepped off the ferry in Mui Wo.  And then it dumped and dumped the likes of rain I hadn't seen in Hong Kong before.  And I've been through several typhoons.  But we wouldn't let the rain get us down.  We found a cozy, although a bit cold, table by the water and sat under the awning marveling at the black rain.  We warmed ourselves with hot tea, crab hotpot and tofu pork shrimp bites.  It was so good and by the end of our meal the rain was letting up.

If I go on in this much detail about Easter vacay we'll be here all day.  Later we picked up Katie and Steve and head back to good ole San Po Kong to put down bags and regroup.  We went out to a 6 or so course seafood dinner complete with cheesey lobster (weird, but oh so buttery delicious), then head to Ozone, the highest bar in the world.  I'm not going to lie, but Steve and Katie had just gotten off a plane, and Paul and I had been battling a typhoon, so we weren't exactly at our prime, but regardless I (at least I think) looked pretty pulled together.  We arrive after like 400 escalators and elevators to the 118th floor only for me to be told that I do not fulfill the dress code and would not be permitted to enter.  Chincha!?  Apparently no flops allowed at the top.  Steve, Katie and Paul went in for a quick look while I let all the staff know how ridiculous it was that they did not have a pair of extra slippers.  'This is an embarrassment to me and my guests.'   Some other time.
Dim Sum at Maxim's
It was soooo much fun having Steve and Katie here!!  We did so much and had so much fun chatting and catching up.  I love being able to share Hong Kong with my new siblings :)  Day 1 we woke up and hit Maxim's for brunch.  Maxin's is famous for it's dim sum.  It's one of the last remaining dim sum restaurants that still serves from carts.  The little old ladies cart around will goodies ranging from dumplings to rice rolls to sponge cake to congee and rice.  Yummm.  It's definitely the best dim sum I've had to date and it was super fun watching Katie guess what things were.  I don't think we scared them too much, and luckily we all avoided accidentally grabbing some chicken feet.

Then we ventured out into the grey mist for the Peak.  The bus drove us directly into the middle of a cloud, so the whole appeal of the Peak was kind of lost.   Another mall.  We hiked down out of the cloud into Central and explored the zoo and park, then took a my favorite mode of transport, trolley!!, to another bus down to Stanley. All this and it wasn't even dark yet!!
Temple in Sheung Wan
We enjoyed a lovely cheeseplate while watching the rain come down on the beach, then it was time to meet my high school friend, John and his girlfriend, and our other friend Derek for a Korean BBQ dinner.  Katie and I weren't feeling our freshest, so we spent a good while jumping from make up counter to make up counter in Times Square, applying a little eye shadow, a little blush, and little perfume.  We decided Laura Mercier is definitely the best stuff out there.
cheese plate in stanley

Ok I'm tired of typing and must get back to work....

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