Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rest

So yes, we met John and Lizzie and Derek at Han Ga Ram.  Paul and I had been here once before and quickly decided it's the most authentic delicious Korean place in HK.  We ordered the set for 5-6 people and it was a tooon of food.  And good.  It was sooo amazing to have a friend from home in HK.  I say John at Christmas and he mentioned he would be out, and then poof time flies and here he was.  This needs to happen more often.We all went out to LKF after dinner for some drinks.  It being Easter most of the foreigners were out of town, and guess who was left in town?  The 16 year olds!  I think Katie was even on the older side of people out that night!

Good times.

Temple Street Jordan
Day 2 we head over to Jordan/TST where we went through some temples then made our way to Paul's favorite place; the Walk of Stars!  Steve and Katie loved it too!  It's great for watching boats and people, and after sightseeing we hit up the Intercontinental for an Easter high tea!  I'd been wanting to hit up high tea for some time now but hadn't had the chance, ohhh man have I been missing out.  Little sandwiches, cakes and chocolate!!  It was to die for.  Despite the fact we got a tea set for 2, the four of us walked out stuffed!  We took the Star Ferry over to Central where we caught a fast ferry to Chung Chau.  We walked along the beaches and did some shopping and poof somehow it was late!

I can't believe how fast our time together went and I'm so glad we had an amazing weekend of bonding.  Paul was super sad to see his bro and sis go, but we'll be home just in time to see Katie off to U Mich!


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