Monday, April 9, 2012

monday off!

View from Finger Hill

It was supposed to be a miserable grey day but Paul and I manned up and took the ferry out to Peng Chau, which is a small island just south of Discovery Bay and just West of Cheung Chau.  Weather tricked us into wearing pants and t-shirts, when in fact, the sun shone its face and reared its heat!  It was a gorgeous day to explore the island!!!  We walked essentially around the entire thing, including to the peak (95 meters), in less than an hour, then sat and enjoyed the warm.  And sweat.

Summer's here

Feeling inspired by this new summer weather, we hit the wet market on the way home for some sea food. Clams and squid plus some fish we already had all came together for a lovely white wine garlic seafood feast.  <3 not working on Monday!

Steve and Katie recap coming soon.

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