Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was a super crazy Tuesday, never mind the fact that it was also Valentine's Day!  Started off showing the intern how to do stuff around the office and come 1 I had to pop over to Central for my Social Media Week event.  I ended up getting there 5 minutes late, but that didn't matter because it started 30 minutes late.  Some of us have to get back to work people. I think they wanted to allow people a chance to network, but that's not why I'm here, I'm here to learn how to build a brand through social media!  There was a panel of 3 people; one representative from weibo (twitter for China), the Social Media Brand Managers for Intel and Cathay.  It was interesting to listen to what they do for their companies, but it's just on a whole other scale than what I'm working with, so I didn't really take too much away that I can use.  That said, it was fun and a good break from work, and I got to see a lot of people from my monthly social media meeting.

Then came the really interesting part of the day.  I rushed back to the office to meet Sean, Greg and two guys from ITS Partners.  These guys are from Spain and serve as our liaison for our seafood products.  They're here for a week full of meetings where they're pitching everything from wine to seafood to olive oils.  It was really cool to watch how Greg and Sean interacted and reacted to these two guys.  And since we're a wine company, of course there was a tasting during the meeting....which lasted 3 hours.  We parted on good terms and we're going to see about what new products we will introduce to Hong Kong.

It was 7:30 so Greg ushered me out the door "so my husband won't get mad."  Got home and Paul and I enjoyed a lovely dinner of various cheeses, oysters, and Prosecco.  We finished the night with Troublemaker from California Vintage, his homemade beer, which actually turned out pretty good, and Brad Pitt (Seven Years in Tibet).   Nice little Vday if I do say so myself.  How was yours?

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