Friday, February 17, 2012


I finally win.  2 weeks and many headaches later, I have beat you PayPal.  I am free to buy whatever I want...on Ebay....and for Social Media Week.  Oh wait, it's over today.  Bahh. 

I know I've been totally lame with posting recently and I blame it on HOFWs blog.  It's tough times maintaining TWO blogs!!  I promise to learn to balance both better than I have.

So what's on.  Last night I tutored two in a row, then enjoyed some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion with Paul on the couch.  He's going to be mad I outed him on this so...We watched rugby and hockey and football all night...and Paul drank his home brewed beer, which he LOVES!  I'll have to have him tell you about it though.

Today was our intern's last day, so Greg, Lionel, Kale and myself went out for a nice lunch down the street at Corner 90.  Greg has been raving about this place, yet I had never been before, and I'm glad we went.  It's run by a huge team of Indians and they serve great Indian curries (I tried Greg's) and Western food as well.  I had already had a PB sam earlier, so I stuck with a Greek salad which was quite nice and huge!  And we all, sans the 16 year old intern, shared a bucket of Stellas.  This was after we all unloaded yet another palate of wines into our warehouse.  They are boxes everywhere!  Please someone order wine so I can put my legs under my desk again. Kidding it's not that bad, but close.

Tonight Paul and I are going to a meetup in Central to watch Real Steel with strangers.  ha meetup is actually here, and not creepy like it kind of seems in America.  There are so many new and transient people here, you connect however you can.  So yeah, snacks, wine and Real Steel tonight.  Tomorrow am I'm meeting up with Cathy and her co-workers to hike around Tai Tam which is a huge park on the island. 

Back to work!

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