Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soup Something

So soup week sort of turned into soup day. I guess two if you count ramen on Saturday.  Not for lack of deliciousness.  Sunday night's white chicken chili was delicious!  But come Monday and Tuesday we both tutor/have other things to do, so quick throw it in a skillet dinners won.  I also have these amazing fluorescent purple sweet potatoes that I mashed last night which will be lunch today.  I've never seen potatoes this color!

Today has been the first morning that rain has stopped Paul and I from our morning run/walk.  Not to be deterred, I head to the gym and read my Kindle on the treadmill with weights in hand.  I feel like one of those old ladies you always make fun of in the mall.  You know the one.  She's in a full on track suit, 3lb weights in each hand, taking laps around level 3.  That was me this morning.  I know I've said this in the past, but I can't explain how truly UNintimidating Asian gyms are.  There are never more than 3 people in there, 2 of which are 70+, and the other is half walking, half comatose on the treadmill.  I win the gym!

So yeah another grey day here. At least it's warm!  Wednesday night is race night in Hong Kong.  There are two horse tracks; one in the New Territories and one on the island in Happy Valley.  The one in NT races on Sunday and is for sad old people who gambling their life savings.  The one in Happy Valley races on Wednesday nights and is for young professionals to gamble peanuts and get drunk.  It's good networking, people watching, and can occasionally be lucrative.  But, as luck would have it, I usually have wine tastings on Wednesdays, or it's raining...like today.  Humph.

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