Monday, September 19, 2011


The tickets have been booked. Call everyone you know because Lauren and Paul are going to America!!! That's right, it's been over a year and a half since America has felt these feet. Here we come NJ/PA! Hoorah!


Arrive JKF 1:30pm Wednesday, December 21st.

Depart JFK 3:50pm Sunday, January 1st....and don't arrive back in Hong Kong until the 3rd. How did that happen??


In other news, my new mantra is working and I feel, dare I say, a little affectionate toward those sunbrella carriers. Truly it lights up my day, that is, until I get poked in the eye. Which always ends up happening.

In domestic news, I have been on a cooking spree. All weekend we enjoyed pancakes and eggs for breakfast.
I forgot how delicious pancakes were. Especially with bananas and hazelnut chocolate spread (thank you harvest moon festival). The last night I made pasta carbonara. I had never had this until my friend Earl invited Paul and I over for homemade pizza. While waiting for Paul to get off work, Earl decided we make a "snack." I wouldn't call this a snack as much as heart attack in the making, but that's just semantics. He cured his own bacon, so I mean this was killer carbonara. It was hard not to stick my head in the bowl it was so good. Mine was pretty good too!

Tonight I am making scallops with a creamy fettucini. One of these days I will succeed at turning Paul into a fat kid! AND I found raw, sushi grade tuna at the store today, so that will serve as a little app. It's surprising the lack of tuna in this country. I'm wondering if it has to do with the earthquake in Japan and boycotting "nuclear" food. They're pretty strict on "health" here. Did you see Contagion!? Don't want that happening again. Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at rolling my own sushi rolls; tuna and avocado! That is, if I have time after the beach :) Yes, yes, all very exciting news I know. But it's what keeps me occupied for a good quarter of my day. Not going to lie, my favorite places in Hong Kong are the grocery stores, especially City Super! It's almost like being in America. Almost.

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