Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Many Latitude Workers Do You See?

Here's a typical Saturday morning outside the club at the Latitude.

Here's walking to my apartment from the club. Is it really necessary to have 15+ people garedening, power washing, and just roaming the grounds? I had someone vacuuming between my legs while using the internet in the club and then someone wipe my finger prints after I opened the door (on the handle!). This is on top of the 15 million other people you have to walk by just to get into the building; one on G by the door. 3 on the third floor; one to open the door, one to direct you to the card swipe and one to sit there and sign in guests. 1 or 2 in your actual tower door; they or may not hold the door for you. It's always a crap shoot. No wonder management fees are $1500 a month!

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