Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday I finally got back to the beach!  It's been weeks, I tell ya. I went to the usual Clearwater Bay except this time there were waves!!  I've been here a dozen times and never seen as much as a curl, but yesterday was full on body surfable waves.  And there was a warning not to swim on top of that, which of course, everyone ignored.  See picture of Clearwater Bay above.

Yesterday evening there was a sign put up in the lobby warning of a T1 in effect.  Typhoons are so common here there is a warning system in place, and it's even color coordinated.  T1-3 be careful, and I believe that corresponds to Amber rain.  Then T8 no school, no work, and Black rain.  See photo below from my balcony this morning:
The wind be a howl'n!  And no school!! Woohoo.  Oh wait, this doesn't effect me and this is just interfering with my plans of running and errands today.  There's always tomorrow.  Paul and I celebrated by making banana chocolate pancakes and are now on a King of Thrones marathon.  Asa to not leaving the Latitude today.  Perhaps we'll go for a swim in the indoor pool...

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