Monday, September 19, 2011


So a few weeks ago Paul and I went to the Museum of Art here in Kowloon. You have the option to pay $30 for a one time visit, or $100 for a year long visit (~$12usd). Us being the economists we are, opted for the year long pass, but were horribly disappointed when we actually went into the museum. There are only so many vases and bowls one can look out without going insane. Hoping we hadn't just pissed away our money, we were hopeful that a good exhibition would come through in the next year. If nothing it's a good view of the harbor.

Flash to Sunday when we decide to go to the Science Museum. As we're buying tickets Paul has the genius idea to see if our year long passes work here. They do!! And in fact, they work at Dr. Sun Yat Museum, Heritage Museum, Museum of Coastal Defense, Museum of History, and the Space Museum. Who knew!? Best $100 spent ever.

The Science museum is certainly catered to the young, but we were able to kill a few hours. My personal favorite was the World of Mirrors exhibit.
We were pushing little kids out of the way to see how we would look 20 feet tall. Tonight we're going to hit $10 taco night and hopefully the Museum of Natural History. Date night.

I was trying to go to the beach today, but woke up and it's super overcast. We had some good lightening last night, and apparently it has decided to linger a little longer. So I guess it's a good day to stalk CFOs and mess around in the kitchen. I want to try my hand at naan soon. Without a conventional oven, this may just be a disaster in the making. Eh, what else do I have to do?

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